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CNC gear milling 

Machinefabriek Krimpen in the Netherlands is one of the leading companies for CNC gear milling. Using various techniques, we produce gears for many different applications. Our gear milling services include hobbing, grooving, and grinding. You can rely on our experience and high-quality products. We are your partner in the production of high-quality custom gears. We use the latest CNC gear milling equipment and techniques to produce precision-cut parts.

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CNC gear milling for precision gears

CNC gear milling is an important process in CNC machining. It is a process of cutting gears. Depending on the application, gears are made from different materials, including metal, plastic, and wood. While many metal gears do not require cutting, others do. Generative gear milling is an efficient method for enhancing efficiency, expanding pitch capacity, and reducing machining times. You will be glad you hired us for your gear manufacturing needs.

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A gear milling unit is a CNC machine that produces a milled root form. These tools have a high degree of rigidity, accuracy, and flexibility. They also allow you to interchange the cutting tools. We have a wide selection of arbors for gear manufacturing, including arbors that interchange with each other. They are suited for most applications and provide precise, accurate results. Our gear milling service is the best choice for your needs.

Multipurpose machines are the most versatile way to make custom gears. With their disc-shaped cutters, they can produce spur and helical gears. These tools can be interchangeable, and their different number of flutes can be used for different applications. We also offer two types of inserts for various types of gears. We can customize the tooling to meet your needs, regardless of whether you want to produce a small, medium, or large component.

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With our modern machinery we make the parts as good as new or even better than new.

Let us manufacture your gears and repair your transmissions

After prolonged and/or intensive use, your gears and transmission may start to suffer from wear and tear. In that case, rely on our expertise. Machinefabriek Krimpen has also specialized itself in the overhaul and repair of transmissions. So, whether you need us for milling a new gear or repairing one currently in use, we are happy to be of service. Do not hesitate to contact us with any question or to discuss the possibilities. For enquires you can reach us by email or by phoning +31 180 599022.

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With our wide machine park, we are able to quickly manufacture single pieces or a small series so that downtime is kept to a minimum. Most high-quality steels for
We have drive components in stock.

It is not necessary to supply drawings.

We can make a 3D drawing of an existing (defective) part and produce it.

Machinefabriek Krimpen has a CNC gear measuring machine with which we can retrieve the details of the gearing so that you can be sure that you get the correct gearing.