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You order high quality gearboxes from Machinefabriek Krimpen. Do you want to buy small or large quantities? If desired, we supply gearboxes with an inspection certificate. Our employees are skilled, have a very thorough knowledge of our products, are flexible and can therefore respond excellently to your wishes.

Expert advice

Own production

Buy high quality gearboxes from 

We are the leading producer of high-quality machine parts, drive components and gears. As a result, you are assured of a fast delivery time with us and you can have brand new gearboxes at your disposal in a short time. In addition to gearboxes, as a manufacturer we also supply the following products:

  • Planetary cabinets
  • Winches
  • Racks

We have a very wide range of all these products. You will certainly find a product that meets your needs. Thanks to our extensive experience, our professionals can always provide you with expert advice. This way we can come up with the best solution together and as a manufacturer we can deliver gear units that fully meet your needs in no time.

If you’re in need of gearboxes for your industrial machinery, welcome to buy it from our factory. We provide customized manufacturing and maintenance services for gear drives and other components. We also provide service and support for our gearboxes to ensure peak performance. If you want to buy gearboxes, our factory provides customized solutions. Whether you need a custom gearbox or a spare part for an existing gearbox, our team will provide quality parts and expertise to ensure your machine runs as efficiently as possible.

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Overhaul and repair of gearboxes

As a manufacturer, we supply high-quality gearboxes with years of experience in the field and we overhaul and repair them. Is there no more drawing available? No problem! We can always completely reconstruct and restore the original drives. Our specialists look at your gearbox and advise whether it is profitable to have the overhaul carried out.

We are happy to show our added value

With our modern machinery we make the parts as good as new or even better than new.

Contact one of our employees

Do you have questions about one of the gearboxes that we supply as a supplier? Would you like to place an order? Or do you have other questions? If you would like to receive more information about our products or if you would like to order gearboxes right away, please do not hesitate to contact us on +31 180 599022. You can request a quote via this number or via the online contact form.

Extensive machine park

With our wide machine park, we are able to quickly manufacture single pieces or a small series so that downtime is kept to a minimum. Most high-quality steels for
We have drive components in stock.

It is not necessary to supply drawings.

We can make a 3D drawing of an existing (defective) part and produce it.

Machinefabriek Krimpen has a CNC gear measuring machine with which we can retrieve the details of the gearing so that you can be sure that you get the correct gearing.