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The basics of gear measuring

The most common method of gear measuring involves placing the gear on a rotary table. The sensor and the measuring object are arranged in such a way that they are designed to minimize systematic influences. All measurements are performed in a temperature-controlled measuring room, so the temperature changes over time are as stable as possible.

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Gear measurement by CNC machine

CNC machine is an excellent gear measuring machine because of its ability to provide fully automatic inspection. This machine measures the diameter, height and pitch of synchronized gears. This machine also has a built-in synchronization function and can check for overhaul or replacement of worn parts. This allows us to save time and money, allowing us to focus on more important things. This machine is very accurate and can also be used for precision measurements.

Machinefabriek Krimpen has a very modern CNC gear measuring machine.

This gear measuring machine allows us to:

  • To check our milled and ground gears.
  • Gears made ​​to control by others.
  • Gears assess a revision, should be replaced or not.
  • To figure out data of gears which have no data.
  • Max diameter: 1600mm
  • Max tooth heigt: 1000mm
  • Max work peace weight: 3500kg

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Using a gear measuring machine

The instrument also has many peripheral devices to ensure that the measurement is comfortable and accurate. And finally, the machine is fully automated and can be programmed to operate in any position.

When using a gear measuring machine, the device measures the gear’s profile. This is known as axial run out. It is measured parallel to the axis of rotation. During an axial measurement, runout is measured perpendicular to the axis. Undulation is the periodic departure of the actual surface of a gear from its design surface. As the gear is rotated, it is subjected to periodic error.

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With our wide machine park, we are able to quickly manufacture single pieces or a small series so that downtime is kept to a minimum. Most high-quality steels for
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It is not necessary to supply drawings.

We can make a 3D drawing of an existing (defective) part and produce it.

Machinefabriek Krimpen has a CNC gear measuring machine with which we can retrieve the details of the gearing so that you can be sure that you get the correct gearing.